Discover Swedish countryside and support rural development!


Farmstay Sweden (Bo På Lantgård) is an association consisting more than 100 member farms that provide accommodations for your holiday throughout the country. Our member farms offer unique and exciting experiences to guests from all over the world! Get personal with the hosts of the farms and learn about farm life, activities and routines. Perfect for the whole family to discover the gorgeous Swedish countryside!

There is a farm for every taste and preference. Try staying on a working farm and help the hosts with daily tasks, or why not go on exciting excursions in nature? Many of the farms are open year-round and receive both private and corporate guests for meetings and parties.

Accommodation standards, the “Wheat Ear” rating

Every farm is assessed in several areas and are labeled in the form of 1 to 5 Wheat Ears based on quality. This is to help our guests during their booking. One single Wheat Ear means the farm met all the requirements to become a member of Farmstay Sweden. Five Wheat Ears mean the farm is of high quality and standard. Such farms would have a Farmstay Sweden logo visible on their farm and website.

For any form of questions regarding booking please contact us.

Bo på Lantgård Support
Laxne Vretstugans Gård 1
647 92 Mariefred

Tel:  +46 72 50 40 30 6


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