Day Trip From Copenhagen To Sweden By Train

Looking for a getaway to Sweden from Copenhagen? Want to explore the neighboring country for a short while? We have good news, just cross the Öresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden, and you can experience the best of modern and rural Sweden in a single day. We will guide you from Copenhagen to Sweden by train for a day trip, uncovering the top sights to see.

Copenhagen to Malmö

Your journey begins at Copenhagen Central Station, where you can catch a train to Malmö Central Station. The train will take you over the iconic Öresund Bridge, which offers stunning views of the Öresund Strait, and you will get to experience one of the world’s longest under water tunnel.

The ride should take around 40 minutes, and as you arrive in Malmö, you will be greeted by the Turning Torso, a modern architecture marvel.

Copenhagen to Malmö train twisting torso skyscrapper


Your first stop should be the Turning Torso. There are several vantage points to see the tall twisted residential skyscraper. All you have to do it look up. The difficult to achieve “twisting” architecture design is what makes it so unique and recognizable. Unfortunately, because it is a residential skyscraper, visitors are not allowed inside expect for special occasions.

Then walk to “Lilla Torg” and have a refreshing breakfast at one of the many cafes and restaurants. “Lilla Torg”, or little square, is a charming square lined with 16th-century buildings. Right next to it is the main shopping area, “Stortorget”, or big square. These two places are great for experiencing Malmö’s local life.

Day Trip From Copenhagen To Sweden By Train


Continue to walk around the Old Town, “Gamla Staden”, and then head south-west towards “Pildammsparken”, the largest park in Malmö. Take a stroll through the scenic park and make sure to visit the old Water Tower, “Galleri Pildammstornet”, and the “Galatheas hage” area. In “Galatheas hage” you will find the “Galatea” statue from 1938. It was a gift to King Gustav the Fifth for his 80th birthday.

There are plenty of places to have lunch. For example, Margareta Paviljongen and Bloom in the Park are two restaurants inside the park, otherwise if you are looking for something more casual, there are other cafes and restaurants nearby.

Emporia Shopping Center modern design architecture


After lunch, you have two choices depending on how you feel. You can either walk or take the public transportation to “Emporia Shopping Center”. It is one of the biggest shopping centers in Scandinavia. Not only is its interior design something to be admired, but also the extraordinary exterior architecture that looks like a wave carved out the middle of the building.

Or you can relax by the beach, “Ribersborgsstranden.” You can actually enjoy the beach all year around, not just in summer. During winter you can go to the Cold Bath House, “Kallbadhus”, and take a swim in minus temperature and hop into the sauna to warm up.

Next, board a regional train for a 1-hour journey to Helsingborg. This coastal ride offers a chance to admire Sweden’s beautiful landscapes. In Helsingborg, the 73 meters tall medieval “Kärnan tower is a must-visit, offering panoramic views of the city and Denmark across the strait. It is the remains of a large Danish fortress.

Afterwards you can walk through the beautiful and natural “Pålsjö skog”, a popular local forest nature reserve. There is a network of paths surrounded by old beech, oak and alder trees. An easy route would be to follow the Pålsjö stream that flows about the area, down to the pond at Pålsjö mill.

Kronborg Castle Shakespear hamlet play denmark


You can either take the 20-minutes ferry to Helsingør and then train back to Copenhagen, or return to Malmö and take the train from there instead. In Helsingør, you can visit the impressive “Kronborg Castle, immortalised as Elsinore in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The castle itself will most likely be closed by now, but you can walk around the garden.

If you return to Malmö, you can always take quick detour to “Emporia Shopping Center” and have dinner before heading home. The shopping center usually closes at 20:00.

You can travel to Sweden easily by train from Copenhagen, so make the day trip, enjoy the ride, relish the views, and immerse yourself in the Swedish way of life.

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