Short Breaks To Sweden: Where To Go

There is just something about Sweden that attracts people. Many have called Sweden “a holiday paradise” because of the surrounding nature and vibrant cities. With the increase direct flights to Sweden’s many cities and countryside, it has never been easier to take short breaks to Sweden. There are many places to choose from and many […]

Best 8 Outdoor Adventures for Seniors Holiday

When you were younger, you were probably too busy with work or family to travel aboard for a proper holiday. Now you have the time to do whatever and travel wherever. But, why not turn your holiday into an adventure? There is always adventure waiting for you around the corner. Why would you stop being […]

4 Unknown Weekend Getaways From Stockholm

So, you need to find weekend getaways from Stockholm because you need to refresh yourself or just want to get away from the city. You have come to the right place! You might have read about Uppsala, Sigtuna, Trosa or similar places being the best destinations for weekend getaways. These places may seem great on […]

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