Tips For Fun Things To Do In Southern Sweden

Southern Sweden, often refererad to as the countryside, has a lot to do and see. People come to the south to create unforgettable new memories, and to escape from the daily hustle. It is a place filled with friendly locals, stunning scenery, fantastic food and much more. We have listed 12 recommended things to do […]

11 Places To Visit In Southern Sweden

Southern Sweden is well-known to the city folks as ‘the countryside’. Most people travel to the south for the vast open green fields, dense forests, plentiful lakes, local traditional events and unique foods. The largest southern region is called Småland. In fact, the typical Swedish red cabins you see everywhere is from there. We have listed […]

Tips for what to do on a staycation alone

There are so many reasons why a solo staycation is the greatest. Maybe you want to take a break from your daily routines, don’t want to travel far, have limited time, or because you can’t go far. However, you may ask yourself, ‘what to do on a staycation alone?’. Don’t worry, we have complied a […]

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