Swedish Culture vs American Culture girl standing facing white wall

8 Differences Between Swedish Culture vs American Culture

The main differences between Swedish culture vs American culture are distinctly shaped by unique traditions, historical backgrounds, and geographical settings. We will dive into various aspects of Swedish and American cultures, providing a deeper understanding of how these two countries compare and contrast each other. In A Nutshell: “Lagom” vs “American Dream” Sweden is known […]

Sweden is the best Scandinavian country to visit in winter snow slope ski relax sitting people

Why Sweden is the Best Scandinavian Country to Visit in Winter

When you talk about Scandinavia, you think of its beautiful winter wonderland, snow covered trees, cold breezes that would freeze your breath, and rich cultural heritage. Among these northern countries, Sweden stands out as the best Scandinavian country to visit in winter. Sweden not only have endless natural beauty, but also vibrant cities and towns. […]

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