Guide To Where To Go In Sweden In Summer high coast höga kusten sunset

Guide To Where To Go In Sweden In Summer

Many ask themselves where to go in Sweden in summer, and the answer is to the countryside. Sometimes you just need to escape the city crowds and immerse yourself in nature, the Swedish countryside in summer is a hidden gem. Known for its diverse landscapes, from crystal-clear lakes and dense forests to charming coastal villages and endless meadows. Here’s a list of places you should explore.

Remember, Swedish summers offer long daylight hours, so you will have plenty of time to have fun and enjoy your surroundings!

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1. Småland:

Known as the ‘Kingdom of Crystal,’ Småland is home to many traditional glassworks. Visit glassworks like Kosta Boda or Målerås to see skilled glass artisans at work.

You can even try glassblowing yourself during a glassmaking demonstration or Another place you have to visit it the IKEA Museum in Älmhult, the birthplace of IKEA. Learn about the history and philosophy of this iconic brand, and even stay overnight at the rare IKEA hotel!

UNESCO World Heritage Decorated Farmhouses Hälsingland rural Swedish life
Photo: Catasa

2. Hälsingland:

Home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of ‘Decorated Farmhouses’. Hälsingland offers a peek into rural Swedish life of the past. These 18th and 19th-century farmhouses, with their vibrant decoration, offers a glimpse to Swedish heritage and culture.

While here, take your time to enjoy the many outdoor activities and events at “Högbo Bruk”, fun for the while family. There are also trails for walkng and mountain biking.

Skuleskogen National Park Summer high coast höga kusten dawn

3. High Coast:

For those who are up for a challenge, the High Coast region offers thrilling hiking trails with breathtaking views. Its steep cliffs attract rock climbers from all over the country. Just standing below the cliffs and looking up is a spectacular view in itself.

Also don’t miss the Skuleskogen National Park, where you can witness scenic landscapes, rivers, and spot rare fauna and flora.

Lake Vänern Djurö National Park
Photo: Leonhard, Lenz

4. Lake Vänern:

As Europe’s third-largest freshwater lake, Lake Vänern is an outdoor paradise. Here, you can go paddling, fishing, swimming, or just enjoy the view from the lakeside. If you’re a nature lover or like to hike, then visit the Djurö National Park!

Djurö is acutally an archipelago and consists of about 30 islands and skerries. The islands’ pebble beaches and rich bird life is perfect for a summer getaway. No other archipelago in Sweden is as isolated, and it is precisely the seclusion that attracts visitors.

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Dalarna traditional midsummer lakeview north

5. Dalarna:

Known as the ‘most Swedish part of Sweden,’ Dalarna is a year-round You can partake in a traditional midsummer celebration, try folk dancing, or visit the museum of the famous Dala Horse.

The picturesque villages, red cabins, and sparkling lakes in the region perfectly represents the Swedish countryside. Dalarna offers beautiful natural landscapes, with opportunities for swimming and canoeing in Lake Siljan. As well as, this is where the iconic red color, “Falu Rödfärg”, of the traditional Swedish red cabins come from.

Visby medieval town Gotland Island UNESCO World Heritage rooftop

6. Visby, Gotland:

Visby, a medieval town located on Gotland Island, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This medieval town, with its cobblestone streets and well-preserved stone buildings, is a summer dream spot.

You can enjoy relaxing at one of the island’s beautiful sandy beaches or explore the unique geological formations known as “Rauks”. However, it can get crowded during the holidays, so make sure to plan your trip ahead of time!

Bohuslän coastal fishing villages archipelago west sweden

7. Bohuslän:

This coastal region is known for its charming fishing villages and stunning archipelago. Try kayaking around the islands, fishing, climbing the red granite cliffs, or visit the numerous islands. Discover untouched nature and prefect secluded beaches.

Of course, you must try the seafood while you are here, especially the famous Bohuslän blue mussels. You can also travel up the coast towards Olso, Norway, or downwards to Gothenburg and visit the Volvo Museum or spend a day at Liseberg amusement park, famous of its extreme rides.

8. More places:

The Swedish countryside is full of places to explore and activities to enjoy. Summer here is a season of endless daylight, where the sun barely sets and the beauty of nature is at its peak.

Each region has a unique charm, offering a variety of experiences that will fill your summer with unforgettable memories. So why wait? Pack your bags and head to the Swedish countryside for the holiday of a lifetime!

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