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When And Where To Get A Fishing License in Sweden

Sweden, known for its clear lakes and beautiful coastlines, is a haven for angling enthusiasts. If you are planning to cast a line during your stay, understanding how a fishing license in Sweden works and where to get one is key. Don’t worry, we will walk you through this process.

Fishing in Sweden: The Basics

In Sweden, the right to fish is typically tied to the ownership of land. Landowners possess fishing rights in the waters within their property and you can normally buy fishing licenses from them. Fishing without a valid permit is a criminal offense and can result in hefty fines, or even imprisonment.

If you want to you want to know more about where you can fish and where you can buy a fishing license, ask at the nearest Tourist Office or local camping site. You can be liable to pay an inspection fee to the owner of the waters if you break the established fishing rules. For example, are you allowed to fish from a boat, and remember, it is common to catch-and-release.

Fishing License Exception in Sweden

Along the coasts and in the five largest lakes, Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren and Storsjön in Jämtland, fishing with hand-gear (rod and reel, tub trawl) and on a small-scale is free, so you do not need to buy a fishing license.

However, there are still rules that you must still follow, such as how big the fish must be before you can catch them, as well as when and where certain species are forbidden to be fished.

For most waters (small lakes, rivers, and streams), you will need a local fishing license issued by the owner of the fishing rights, usually the landowner or a local fishing association.

When And Where To Get A Fishing License in Sweden

Where to Get a Fishing License in Sweden

Purchasing a permit in Sweden is straightforward and can be done both online and in person.

You can buy fishing licenses through the website Otherwise, you can buy them in local tourist offices, camping sites, and sometimes even in shops or gas stations in the fishing area.

It shouldn’t cost you more than a couple hundred Swedish krona, typically it ranges from SEK 100-500. However, it can cost more depending if you are purchasing a seasonal or yearly permit, and for other special methods of fishing, such as trolling.

Forbidden Fishing Methods

In Sweden it is forbidden to fish with scythes, harpoons, spears and other equipment with which the fish can be impaled with. It is also forbidden to snatch fish on the hook. The fish must voluntarily take the hook. A well as, it is prohibited to fish with firearms, explosives, poison and electric current.

Other equipment may also be prohibited locally, therefore, you should always find out which gear is allowed where you want to fish. Ask the person whom you are purchasing a permit from, as usually they are the owner of the waters and know the rules well.

The Bottom Line

Before heading out with your fishing gear in Sweden, make sure you have the right fishing license. Remember, licenses vary depending on where you are fishing and what you are hoping to catch. By following the local and national guidelines, you can enjoy a stress-free fishing adventure in Sweden’s breathtaking waters. Happy fishing!

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