Top 12 best places to photograph in Sweden

Where to photograph in Sweden

Sweden’s natural beauty is underappreciated and you have to leave Stockholm to be able to capture great landscapes. Not many have the luxury, time and resources to visit each place, therefore we created a list of the top 12 best places to photograph in Sweden to guide you. There are many wonderful photo spots in Sweden, and most of them are underrated.

Whether you are into landscapes, nature, wildlife, culture, or city photography, we have it all. Here are some locations to include your travel photography list. The order of this list doesn’t necessarily represent any sort of ranking, rather if you had to be selective.

1. Åsnen National Park

asnen national park sweden photograph place


75 percent of Åsnen National Park consists of water, you can call it a “Water Park”. Here you need to right angle and wait for the right time to encapsulate the feeling of wilderness between the archipelagos.

It is one of the most unique sights of the world, and many don’t leave this breathtaking view without taking a dozen photos from different islands.

2. Bohuslän coast, Gothenburg

photo spots boshulan coast sea

You will always be able to find photo opportunities around every corner in Bohuslän. The coastline splits into 8,000 rocky pieces in the Skagerrak Strait, starting north from Gothenburg to the Norwegian border.

The distinctive orange-pink glow from the granite in the rocks reflecting off the sun light, gives your photo a surreal feeling. It is the perfect place for those looking for vibrant surrealistic photos.

3. Gamla Stan, Stockholm

bird view gamla stan old town stockholm picture

The Old Town in Stockholm is a must visit. Its narrow alleyways, cobble stone roads, and old buildings takes you back to the olden days. There are many worthy photo spots, just walk around and you will find plenty.

To make the town shot more vibrant, try shooting above the crowd and zoom to isolate certain elements. The Old Town is full of details and interesting colours, as well as unique patterns.

4. Ale Stones, Skåne

capture image ale stones skane stonehenge

Ale Stones is the Swedish Stonehenge. Some say it is an ancient stone formation of a shipwreck. It consists of 59 stones arranged in a 67 meter long outline and is speculated from the Iron age.

Together with a magnificent view over the hill landscape and Baltic Sea, you can capture some truly beautiful mystic moments. Be sure to bring a wide lens to frame both the Ale stones and the Baltic sea.

5. Bird Reserve, Tåkern

motion photography eagle bird sky

If you are into wildlife photography, we would recommend you visit the Tåkern Bird Reserve. Home of more than 278 species of birds, it takes patience to get the perfect shot. It is also one of the great photo spots to practice motion photography.

Find the right shutter speed and you will get breathtaking photographs. However, bear in mind the light might affect the outcome as well.

6. Pilgrim Trail

best places to photograph in Sweden

The deep forests with the occasional lakes, flower fields and medieval churches requires the photographer to use the right balance to capture the one colour-ness. Pilgrim Trail goes on for more than 100 kilometers through stunning nature.

The view changes on the route and you will be challenged to find the perfect frame. Though the forests may not be as colourful, you can still get some stunning results.

7. Malmö, Skåne

gothenburg night sky bridge photo

Malmö has some of the most well-preserved historical buildings and shows the might of Sweden’s architecture. The medieval houses can be splendid focus of your photograph and if you go during the early morning, there will not be as many people disturbing.

As well as, take your camera and capture the brilliant modern architecture. The “Twisting Torso” skyscraper, a modern-day architecture masterpiece, is absolutely gorgeous with the blue sky as background.

8. East Vättern Scarp Landscape Biosphere Reserve Area, Vättern

overview picture lake vättern sweden


The UNESCO declared Biosphere Reserve Area is the perfect place for an overview of lake Vättern. It is a lake scenery that you can’t find anywhere else.

The ideal time to get the best shot is during sunrise or sunset. The softer light reflecting on the lake’s surface will reduce the level of contrast and dynamic range.

9. Målerås Village, Småland

Glass art blowing kosta maleras orrefors shot

For those wanting more than just landscape views, we suggest you travel to Målerås. It is a relatively small town known for its glass blowing factory.

The factory offers hands on experience with glass blowing. So, seize the opportunity to get great shots with the red-hot glowing glass in focus.  Otherwise, take a stroll in the town and snatch photos of the lives of locals.

10. Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala

uppsala cathedral interior inside church picture

Not many would think that there are photography occasions in cathedrals. On the contrary, cathedrals offer a wealth of opportunities, with its patterns, lines, features, frames and light. Everything is in place for an interesting composition.

The cathedral was built around the 13th century, with a height of 119 meters. It is the tallest church in Scandinavia, as well as it is a narrow structure, making portrait shots the obvious choice.

11. Brahehus, Gränna

photo spots best places photography sweden

On the coast of lake Vättern, the castle remains has a panoramic view of the lake and the island of Visingsö, where you can get dramatic shots. The steep and narrow paths will give you a sense of dread.

It may be a small castle, but it remains structurally intact, allowing you to capture a piece of history. Its prime location allows for many photography scenarios.

12. Dalsland Canal, Dalsland

Dalsland Canal beautiful scenery location

Often one of the most overlooked spectacular places in Sweden. The 250km long canal was formed after the last ice age creating many long deep rift lakes and was later excavated.

Hidden between the forests, it is difficult to see how it is “Venice in nature”. One of the best photo spots would be on higher grounds exposing the canal cutting through the town.

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