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8 Unusual Things To Do In Malmö Anytime

Malmö is a city full of picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and historic landmarks. However, beyond the typical tourist attractions, Malmö offers a variety of unique experiences waiting to be discovered. There are plenty of unusual things to do in Malmö. In this article, we dive into some of the city’s lesser-known activities that promise to make your visit unforgettable.

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1. Kayak through the Canals of Malmö

For an adventurous twist, explore Malmö from its waterways. Rent a kayak or canoe, and paddle through the city’s canals, offering another perspective of the city and its historical buildings. This is not just a fun outdoor activity, but also a offers a mix of urban scenery and natural beauty.

You can opt for a self-guided kayak tour, which allows for a more flexible and personal experience, or join a guided tour. Guided tours often include insights into the city’s history, architecture, and culture, told by knowledgeable local guides.

Don’t worry, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers. Many operators provide all the necessary equipment, including life vests, and offer instructions before you embark on your journey.

Depending on your interests, you can choose different routes. Some may take you through the bustling downtown area, where you can see landmarks like the Malmöhus Castle. Others might lead you to more serene environments, like the Ribersborg beach area.

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2. Food Safari at Möllevångstorget

Discover exquisite flavors by visiting the local Möllevångstorget. The square is renowned for its diverse and affordable specialty food shops, ranging from traditional cheese stores to grocers offering exclusively East Asian products. There’s no food you wouldn’t be able to find here.

Are you intrigued by this culinary diversity but unsure where to start exploring these tempting flavors? Then join a two hours guided tour, exploring exotic vegetables and spices, might be just what you need. Led by former chefs, sommeliers, and food journalists, the Food Safari takes you on a journey through everything from French cheeses to Middle Eastern sweets.

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3. Cycle around Malmö to see the street art

Malmö’s alternative art scene is vibrant. You can browse through local art studios, attend workshops, and engage with the city’s creative side on foot, or view street art on a bike. Malmö is abundant in street art, with several stunning works covering the city’s buildings.

The best way to explore these artworks is by renting a bike and following a map that marks all the street paintings. Some of the most popular street art pieces can be found at Södra Skolgatan, Grynbodagatan 9, Stenhuggaregatan, and Lilla Kvarngatan 12. Of course, it is also wonderful to cycle through the old town.

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4. Beer tasting at Malmö Brewery

Malmö Brewery is not only a brewery known for its exciting range of beers, but you also get to taste a variety of beers from across Skåne. Conveniently located close to Folkets Park, you can easily walk from there, or take the city buses. Experience something that not many knows about in the evening, or from midday on Saturday.

Enjoy a guided tour of the brewery and then sample their unique beers, such as an apricot-flavored wheat beer or a sweet vanilla porter. You can also try beverages from other breweries, like a mead from Malmö or a wild yeast blackcurrant beer from Staffanstorp.

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5. Visit the Disgusting Food Museum

One of Malmö’s most unconventional attractions, the Disgusting Food Museum, challenges your taste buds to the extreme. It is definitely one of the most unusual things to do in Malmo. This one-of-a-kind museum displays a collection of the world’s most bizarre and unappetizing foods. It is a sensory experience that will leave you with a new appreciation for your own cuisine!

The exhibits feature around 80 food items from around the world that many would find unappealing or unusual, such as fermented shark from Iceland, stinky tofu from China, and Surströmming, a notoriously smelly Swedish fermented herring. Visitors are encouraged to smell and even taste some of the exhibits, offering a hands-on approach to understanding global food cultures.

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6. Take a dip at Kallbadhuset

Kallbadhuset, or the Cold Bath House, is an iconic wooden structure located on the Ribersborg beach. It dates back to the late 19th century and is a classic example of traditional Scandinavian bath culture. The facility offers saunas and spa with panoramic views of the Öresund strait and direct access to the sea for a refreshing swim, regardless of the season.

It is popular for the health benefits associated with cold bathing, especially in winter, such as improved circulation and reduced stress. Kallbadhuset is not just a bath house but a cultural institution, reflecting the Swedish love for nature, wellness, and simplicity. You can find nearby accommodations here if you are traveling just for the spa experience.

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7. Tour the Malmö Chocolate Factory

The Malmö Chocolate Factory offers a delightful mix of classic chocolate creations and modern flavors. It is located just a short walk from Folkets Park and easily accessible by city buses. Indulge in chocolates with hints of licorice and violet or pear and cardamom. Visitors can tour the factory, learn about the chocolate-making process, and enjoy tastings of various chocolate products.

Malmö Chocolate Factory is known for producing high-quality, organic chocolates with a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. Take home a beautifully filled chocolate cone with a thoughtful message for someone special. Discover rich, organic dark chocolate, or try a variety with a mixed chocolate box.

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8. Day trip to Denmark

One of the advantages of Malmö’s location is its closeness to Denmark, with Copenhagen just a short train ride or drive away across the Öresund Bridge. The journey is straightforward, and the impressive views of the Öresund strait during the journey add to the experience. The bridge itself is a European marvel, with the bridge transitioning into an undersea tunnel half way.

In Copenhagen, visitors can explore famous sites like the Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid statue, the colorful Nyhavn harbor, and experience the modern city. Alternatively, a trip to Helsingør (Elsinore) in Denmark to visit the Kronborg Castle, known as the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is another popular option.

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