22 funny random facts about Sweden you didn't know

22 funny random facts about Sweden you didn’t know

Sweden is a country with rich history and many traditions. Some of the things about Sweden is amusing to others, however, we want to talk about things that are more unknown, but equally entertaining. Here we will list 22 funny random facts about Sweden that you didn’t know about, such as Gävle goat. In Sweden, […]

Is it expensive to visit Sweden? – Complete Guide

When planning a trip to the Nordics, many would wonder, is it expensive to visit Sweden? Visiting Sweden can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Sweden is a beautiful country with stunning natural landscapes, historic cities, lively culture, and wonderful people. Sweden is generally considered to be a relatively expensive country to visit, […]

14 Tips For Your Travel To Sweden From USA

14 Tips For Your Travel To Sweden From USA

Preparing for your big trip? Want to see what you need to know for your travel to Sweden from USA? We will tell you about things to think about before you go and whilst you are in the country. Sweden is a beautiful and relaxing destination perfect for those wanting to slow travel and connect […]

What are Swedish people known for? And their traits?

Sweden is known for many things, such as, the music group ABBA, meatballs, IKEA, Nobel price, and much more. However, we are less familiar with its people, other than some stereotypes, including everyone has blonde with blue eyes and they eat meatballs every day. So, what are Swedish people known for outside the stereotypes? How […]

How to deal with seasonal depression living in Sweden

“Winter blues” is something most of us have heard of or are familiar with. It usually describes one’s lack of energy and motivation during the coldest and darkest months of the year. In other words, “winter blues” is seasonal depression. Commonly symptoms start in autumn and continue into the winter months, until it resolves in […]

rent summer house rural countryside sweden

Rent a traditional summer house in rural Sweden

When most people think of getting away, they think of escaping to the countryside. And because of Sweden’s various beautiful sceneries and archipelagos, many chooses to relax in the rural parts of the country. There’s nothing like renting a summer house and sitting on the porch to watch the sunset over the quiet blue lakes, […]

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