Top 12 best places to photograph in Sweden

Where to photograph in Sweden Sweden’s natural beauty is underappreciated and you have to leave Stockholm to be able to capture great landscapes. Not many have the luxury, time and resources to visit each place, therefore we created a list of the top 12 best places to photograph in Sweden to guide you. There are […]

Short Breaks To Sweden: Where To Go

There is just something about Sweden that attracts people. Many have called Sweden “a holiday paradise” because of the surrounding nature and vibrant cities. With the increase direct flights to Sweden’s many cities and countryside, it has never been easier to take short breaks to Sweden. There are many places to choose from and many […]

8 Best Things To Do In Sweden In Summer

Ready to go on adventures after being stuck at home? Are you longing for some thrilling and action-packed activities? Or would you rather have a relaxing holiday? Then read on for our picks for the 8 best things to do in Sweden in summer, where you will find something just for you. There is always […]

4 Unknown Weekend Getaways From Stockholm

So, you need to find weekend getaways from Stockholm because you need to refresh yourself or just want to get away from the city. You have come to the right place! You might have read about Uppsala, Sigtuna, Trosa or similar places being the best destinations for weekend getaways. These places may seem great on […]

The Psychological Benefits Of Going On A Vacation

Many people don’t take time off and go on vacation often enough. Some don’t use their annual vacations to the full extent and some never take them! They always have some sort of excuse. It may be because of work responsibilities, finances, or family obligations.  Believe it of not, we need the psychological benefits of […]

8 Best Mini Breaks In Sweden

8 Best Mini Breaks In Sweden

Taking a short getaway, offers a range of benefits, both mentally and physically. Even a short recess from daily routines and stresses can help you recharge, leading to increased energy and vitality when you return. We have complied 8 unique mini breaks in Sweden! Enjoy every second outside the capital city, relax and have fun! There […]

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